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  • sarrahhsmilleeSo I was just wondering why it's not okay for white girls to have Bantu knots or baby bangs, but it's okay for girls of color to have long blonde straight hair? It just seems like double standards to me. Shouldn't fashion be available for whoever wants express themselves in whatever way they choose?
  • black--lamb

    why is it ok for white people to define the standards of beauty, but whenever a black women even begins to love her natural hair it’s considered “exclusive” or “cocky”?

    why is it called “ghetto” or “ratchet” whenever i embrace styles natural to my culture but it’s “classy” and “alternative” when a white girl in Vogue does it?

    why is “being black” a phase for white people (who then can always go back to being white again and still receive the benefits of their privilege) but it’s something i need to tone down in order to get a job?

    why is it that i have/still get denied access into public places because of my natural hair and skin color?

    why is it that a black boy with a hoodie is considered “dangerous” when a white boy with a gun is called “emotionally unstable”?

    why is it that we must never forget the atrocities of the Holocaust or Pearl Harbor but i’m supposed to get over the effects of slavery?

    why is it ok for white people to talk about their 1/3 German, 1/4 French, etc roots, but the rest of us are “immigrants” who need to “go back where we came from”?

    why is it that Ebola has been killing brown people for years, but it’s suddenly curable when someone with white skin contracts it?

    basically white people will spend so much time worried about stupid shit like why they cant use other cultures as fashion or why they cant say the n word…

    So go ahead and rock your box braids..nobody is stopping you..the rest of us will be busy dodging the system of oppression that’s forced upon us every single day…It just seems like double standards to me. 

    but i mean shouldn’t basic human rights be available for everyone???

  • donttellmewhattodo
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I can’t fucking share someone, god dammit I’m one selfish person. I want one person all to my self, their laughs and tears, I want to be the first person they tell when something happens, good and bad, I want to piss them off at 2pm, make up for it at 6pm, and to save them at 2am. I need some one all to my self or not at all.

I saw that you still follow her when you said it was nothing  (via gracefully-found)
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I have a silent friendship with so many of you omg we hardly talk but you always reblog me and I just love you all from a distance.

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A person’s tumblr tells a lot about them. It shows what kind of images they see in their head, who they love, who they hate, even what they think about other people.

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if she take the aux chord and it’s sum gucci she suckin another nigga dick n she finessin u witcho stoopid ass


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  • Anonymousi'd last 32 seconds EXACTLY with you. i bet your pussy taste better than the 'whites only' water fountain. on god you couldnt pay me to pull out. dudes gonna have to pull me off you. im tryna get you pregnant. idc if u may have herpes i got carmex 4 that shit. if i hit i wouldnt wash my dick again. only way i wouldnt hit it is if you were dead for a couple weeks (i still would tbh.)i bet that pussy taste like cherries, the bible, and the krabby patties formula. deadass i'd do 25 to life for that
  • jem-sie

    this shit was wild from beginnin to end

  • donttellmewhattodo


    Foul on the motherfucking play bruh like whut

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